Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to enable the audit log in SharePoint 2013

 How to enable the audit log in SharePoint 2013:

To enable the audit log by using Central Administration

·        On the Central Administration home page,
·        In the Application Management section,
·        Click Manage service applications.
·        Select the Secure Store service application.
·        On the ribbon, click Properties.
·        From the Enable Audit section,
·        Click to select the Audit log enabled box.
·        To change the number of days that entries will be purged from the audit log file, specify a number in days in the Days until Purge field.
·        The default value is 30 days.
·        Click OK.

Configure audit settings for a site collection

Please use the following link in which Microsoft has given a very detailed description that references each and every minor point regarding audit settings:

It consists of:

·        Auditing event information
·        Trimming the audit logs (new enhancements in SP2010 and SP2013 as compare to earlier versions)
·        Configure audit log trimming
·        Configure events to audit

View audit log reports

Following link will help you to understand the following points:

·        Events available for audit log reports
·        Available audit log reports
·        View audit log reports

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