Monday, February 24, 2014

WHAT’S NEW In SharePoint 2013

WHAT’S NEW In SharePoint 2013

SQL improvements and shredded storage — A number of improvements have been made at the database layer to reduce the impact of scenarios that might invoke full table scans, improve usage of advanced indexing features in SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012,and incorporate a new feature called shredded storage that changes the way SharePoint stores and updates files in SQL. Files are now shredded, and only the changed pieces are updated at the database layer. This reduces the impact caused by document updates.

Distributed cache service — A new cache service, based on Windows Server AppFabricDistributed Caching, has been implemented in SharePoint 2013. By default it is enabled on all web front ends and application servers. It improves performance by caching information
such as social data authentication tokens.

Unified search architecture — SharePoint 2013 unifies the search offerings available in SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2013 search provides numerous improvements to content crawling, content processing, analytics processing, indexing, query processing, and search administration components.

 Integrated Request Management (RM) — Request Management provides SharePoint more knowledge and control over incoming requests. This includes throttling and routing requests to appropriate web front ends, prioritization and filtering of requests, and load balancing based on weighting schemes.

New service applications — New service applications include the App Management Service to support and manage apps in SharePoint 2013, the Machine Translation Service that supports automated language translation of files, and the Work Management Service that provides task aggregation functionality.

 Office Web Applications is now a separate product — Office Web Applications have been split into a dedicated product to provide a uniform application for viewing and editing files, including files not necessarily in SharePoint. The Office Web Apps Server supports the Web application Open Platform Interface (WOPI) that SharePoint implements to support office files hosted in SharePoint.

 Web analytics platform — The web analytics platform replaces the web analytics service application that was in SharePoint 2010. It has been completely redesigned and integrated into the search service application of SharePoint 2013.

 Windows Azure — Windows Azure Workflow are now supported for on-premise and hosted deployments in SharePoint 2013.

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Error while deploying solutions in Multi server farm

Error while deploying solutions in Multi server farm

Background: Farm consists of 8-10 servers for Example and doing Installation of Solutions by using the script. In All the servers Solution deployed successfully Except one server, when we check in Manage farm Solutions under system settings showing error.

Error: deployed successfully Except one server. Error shows, Its already deployed in server, You should force to deploy again.
Central admin->system settings->manage farm solutions->specific WSP(shows error)

Solution: Go to the specific server that shows error in manage farm solutions  And run the below command in SharePoint management shell to install solution on specific server.

      Install-spsolution –gacdeployment -force

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